DYSANGELIUM to release debut album ‘Thánatos Áskēsis’ on W.T.C.

Orthodox Black Metallers Dysangelium’s debut ‘Thánatos Áskēsis’ will be released on December, 24th via W.T.C.

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed Leviaxxis demo, released earlier this year by W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS, fast-rising German black metal band DYSANGELIUM unleash their highly anticipated debut album, Thánatos Áskēsis . As prefaced by Leviaxxis, the sound of Thánatos Áskēsis can rightfully be described as tyrannical: swift and strategic, roiling and rumbling, surging and striking, DYSANGELIUM exude a startling confidence and authority beyond their young years as a band. The nine songs here righteously uphold the banner of orthodox black metal, but the Teutonic quintet work in a dazzling array of dynamics and nuance, especially in the unique, authoritative throat of vocalist Sektarist 0: it’s literally the mouth of HELL, and his bandmates follow suit with incendiary performances and muscular execution. Even the song titles – among them, “Gateways to Necromancy,” “I Am the Witness, I Am the Servant,” and “Words Like Flames” – back up these claims. Soon enough, DYSANGELIUM’s Thánatos Áskēsis will be spoken of as a momentous record in the pantheon of pure-and-proud black metal.


1.Consecrated By Light.
2.Words Like Flames.
3.Obelisk Of The Sevencrowned Son.
6.Gateways To Necromancy.
8.Ave Obscuritas Incarna.
9.I Am The Witness, I Am The Servant.

Format: CD, LP, Digital.



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