HELEVORN’s third album ‘Compassion Forlorn’ available.

Today, Mallorca’s most notorious doom / gothic metal band HELEVORN release their third studio album entitled “Compassion Forlorn”. This new album was recorded and mixed at Psychosomatic Studios in Mallorca (Spain) by Miguel Ángel Riutort “Mega” and mastered once again by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Arch Enemy, Kreator…) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

Eight tracks full of sentiment, digging into the path started with the previous album «Forthcoming Displeasures»  with a remarkable, intensive and heavy sound.

Mourning and melancholy piercing the music and clean vocals diluted with mournful growl go far beyond the frames of doom / gothic metal, touching the strings of heart of any fan ofdark and emotional music. Melodicism, atmosphere and sadness joined together in «Compassion Forlorn» in order to re-fill the world with the unique magic of HELEVORN.

The feeling exposed/captured in these new songs transforms “compassion Forlorn” into a stage of human decay, very well captured in the album artwork made by Andreu Beltran.

The album features great artist collaborations like in the song “Els dies tranquils” that counts with the Irish female singer/songwriter Lisa Cuthbert and the guitar player Pedro Zubiri (ex-Golgotha and Blind Panic). A male choir appears in several songs.

Without a doubt a great work that sets HELEVORN as one to count with in the doom metal scene cohabiting with other bands like My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun or Paradise Lost.


1. The Inner Crumble
2. Burden Me
3. Looters
4. Unified
5. Delusive Eyes
6. I Am to Blame
7. Reason Dies Last
8. Els Dies Tranquils

Release Date 22/09/14
BadMoodMan Music



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