After 10 years, MORTUARY DRAPE announce a new studio album.

The legendary MORTUARY DRAPE have signed a deal with the italian metal label Iron Tyrant to release the band’s next full-length LP/CD this autumn, on a worldwide basis. The album, whose title is still undisclosed, is the band’s first in 10 years, and the first one to see founder Wildness Perversion return to drum duties since black metal classic ‘All the Witches Dance’ in 1995. According to the founder, the album “sounds 100% Mortuary Drape.”

The ideology of MORTUARY DRAPE was influenced by the Italian spiritualism of which Wildness Perversion, Nequam and Diabolic Obsession were representatives. Occultism and necromancy occupy an important place in the music produced by MORTUARY DRAPE. The band was strongly influenced by the first wave of black metal of bands like Mercyful Fate (although being a heavy metal band with a corpse painted singer), Celtic Frost, Bathory and Venom. They were formed in Alessandria (Italy) but performed a number of live shows in Greece and Germany. MORTUARY DRAPE have played with Horrid, Cadaveric Crematorium, Opera IX, Necrodeath and Hortus Animae among others. Their songs are characterized by very complex structures, with frequencies of 20/25, tempo and riffs changes. Their album “Buried In Time”, which was released in October 2004 had 320 different tempo changes throughout album and a total amount of 5300 notes. Their underground agenda has forced them to remain as a cult act, changing from one record label to another very often.

A release date for MORTUARY DRAPE’s next album shall be announced imminently, as well as title, cover, and tracklisting. In the meantime, trailer video has been released via Iron Tyrant’s YouTube channel. You can watch it right here.





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