Teaser for the new LAST DOMINION LOST album ‘Towers of Silence’.

The new LAST DOMINION LOST album ‘Towers of Silence’ will be released on August 22nd via The Epicurean / silken tofu.

LAST DOMINION LOST was formed in 1992, out of the ashes of Merge (a project created by Dominik Guerin, founding member of SPK, and Jon Evans), and the inclusion of John Murphy (ex-SPK, Krank, Shining Vril). In April of 1992 the recording sessions for what was to become “The Tyranny of Distance“ began (released on Germany’s Tesco Organisation). 16 years later, the opportunity to reform the slumbering project arose. With the welcome additions of Ash Wednesday (Crashlands, Einstürzende Neubauten) and Julian Percy (Ratbag) initial recordings and rehearsals began in May of 2008.

LAST DOMINION LOST leave it to the listeners to guess where “Towers of Silence”, the allegorical title of their new album, really refers to – the fatal nature of physical life? The awkward edges between biological mortality and the idea of an eternal afterlife? The dreadful content which you may find inside what people built up? It’s all open. One thing that LAST DOMINION LOST clearly show is how loud and infernal the silence of ending can be imagined. Screams of rage and anxiety intermingle with the shoutings of warriors – if the latter is not rather the croaking of vultures, who gather around corpses – until all is buried under an avalanche of infernal noise.

More than 20 years after the recordings for their debut album “The Tyranny of Distance” (Tesco, 2004), LAST DOMINION LOST come up with brand-new material recorded between 2012 and 2014, brilliantly mastered by James Plotkin in June 2014. Besides the core band members Jon Evans, John Murphy (Krank, Ex-SPK, Shining Vril) and Julian Percy (Ratbag), “Towers of Silence” includes guest contributions by Ash Wednesday (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten), Till Brüggemann (Gerechtigkeits Liga) and Annie Stubbs among others.

Last Dominion Lost “Towers of Silence” CD/LP
Release date: 22nd of August 2014
Label: The Epicurean | silken tofu
cure.5 | stx.32

Below you can watch LAST DOMINION LOST’s track “Stagma” (excerpt from the album “Towers of Silence”)
Video trailer by The Epicurean

You can also take a look to LAST DOMINION LOST’s bandcamp at http://lastdominionlost.bandcamp.com

Last Dominion Lost
The Epicurean
silken tofu



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