‘De Mysteriis Dom Christi’, follow-up to the REVERORUM IB MALACHT’s cult debut ‘Urkaos’.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”
-Psalms (111:10)

The Ajna Offensive has announced the follow-up to the REVERORUM IB MALACHT’s cult debut ‘Urkaos’.

Originally operated as part of the Swedish “anti-cosmic” black metal community, REVERORUM IB MALACHT members Lundin and Mikael converted to Catholicism around 2009. Lundin was known for his involvement with Dödfödd, Emit, and Ofermod.

Ever since then, the debate has not been about how captivating and haunting the music is, but about whether or not this band can still be “black metal.” On the new album, the band uses the phrase “Roman Catholic Black Metal.”

Antagonism reigns.

Mysterious, utterly obscure, divergent, murky, lo-fi, eerie, transcendental, old, occult: what do all of these adjectives have in common? They not only refer to the music created by REVERORUM IB MALACHT, but they are also embody much of what one experiences in those epic cathedrals that plague Christendom.

REVERORUM IB MALACHT’s ‘De Mysteriis Dom Christi’
CD tracklisting
1. I (3:35)
2. II (9:05)
3. III (3:37)
4. IV (9:01)
5. V (6:52)
6. VI (7:20)
7. VII (6:53)
8. IIX (5:25)
9. IX (2:57)
10. X (6:00)
11. XI (10:42)

LP tracklisting
1. De Mysteriis Dom Christi (21:30)
2. Ps. 138, 1-18 (18.29)

‘De Mysteriis Dom Christi’ will be available in LP / CD / Cassette via The Ajna Offensive.
Release date 16 September 2014 .





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