WRONG – ‘Pessimistic Outcomes’ [Official Video]

This is the new video by the enigmatic Spanish black metal band WRONG, taken from their new album “Pessimistic Outcomes” to be released in April 22nd, 2014 via XTREEM MUSIC.

“In a world consumed by ashes, where only misery and despair exists, pessimism has taken over the human race… Hate has aroused, accompanied by a general delirium, only survival and immediate satisfaction is looked for. There’s no sentence, no punishment, no sensibleness… neither sanity. Humanity has become an aberration, tainted and perverse, condemned to misery and decadence, wandering through a desolate environment without resources, weakening slowly until the breath leaves them.”

“Pessimistic Outcomes” is the follow-up to their debut ‘Memories Of Sorrow’ released in 2003.