DAY BEFORE US sets late October as release date for the new album.


Philippe Blache’s dark ambient solo project DAY BEFORE US is finishing up his new work entitled ‘Misty Shroud of Regrets’. Its release date that was initially planned for early summer on Rage in Eden will finally see the light this Autumn 2013. ‘Misty Shroud of Regrets’ will come out in a large CD digipack edition. The musical signature presents a unique blend of spleen-like melodious soundscapes based on processed piano patterns and densely organic chord moves.

DAY BEFORE US is a musical project formed in 2010 by the classically trained musician Philippe Blache. The music encompasses the territory of texturally cinematic ambient. Touching melancholic airs, diversified palette of acoustic harmonic colors and discreet experimentations characterize the intent of Day Before Us ambient euphony. Between 2011 and 2013 a few official releases in solo or in collaboration have been published signed on labels such as Rage in Eden, Petrogplyph Music, Cathedral Transmissions and Kadaath Records.  

Blache’s views on this forthcoming album confirms a resolutely dark ambient neoclassical release but from a closer listening it defies the canonical schemas of genre. The musical argument reaches a synthesis and an harmonious conversation between consonant acoustic minimalism and warmly nostalgic emotional ambiences with a great sense of romanticism and experimentalism.

Retro-minimal synth artist Xiu will be featured as guest vocalist on the self-titled track. More details coming soon.
Here is a sound excerpt for “Elegy on the death of a poet”.

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