PROMO: Stagnant Waters – s/t (Adversum, 2012)

A French-Norwegian entity, STAGNANT WATERS’ self-titled debut is an awe-inspiring album of mutant music. Firmly rooted in extreme metal, STAGNANT WATERS present a highly radioactive mix of scathing guitars, otherworldly electronics, Dadaistic improvisation, uncompromising complexity, and unnatural tempos. Comprised of Norwegian vocalist Svein Egil “Zweizz” Hatlevik (Fleurety, Umoral, ex-DHG/Dødheimsgard), drummer/electronics operator/clarinetist Aymeric Thomas (Pryapisme), and guitarist/bassist Camillle Giraudeau (Dreams of the Drowned, Smohalla), STAGNANT WATERS have recorded a spontaneous, experimental, and energetic album, a maximalistic, hedonistic, and animalistic celebration of unfettered creativity.

* Track streaming on Soundcloud – “Algae”:

* Track streaming on Soundcloud – “Of Salt and Water”:

* Short album teaser on YouTube:


01 Algae
03 Of salt and water
04 Castles
05 Concrete
06 Bandaged in suicide notes
07 Axolotl
08 From the breaking neck to infinity


ADVERSUM is an exclusive, elitist label founded in 2010 and currently with four prior titles to its name. The label comprises two individuals, Kim Sølve (Norway) and Kim (Belgium). Kim Sølve (Norway) has been running TKDS/Trine + Kim design studio with colleague Trine Paulsen since 1999. Together, they have done artwork for artists like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Ulver, Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Fleurety, Ihsahn, Arcturus, Manes, and Solefald, as well as working with publishing houses, theatres, modern ballet ,and much more. Kim (Belgium) runs Neuropa, an industrial and neofolk label releasing artists like Toroidh, Militia, Death In June, and Orchestra Noir.

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