Hellish Blurbs: The Underground Speaks. (2nd Issue, November, 2012)

This Hellish Blurbs issue is fully dedicated to the statements of one band only, the old school norwegian motherfuckers Celestial Bloodshed. Sadly, the band doesn’t exist anymore: they quit in 2009, when their singer Steingrim Torson, was shot to death on the night of April 30th 2009 in Trondheim (Norway), their homeland.
This is an excerpt on how they saw the Norwegian black metal scene, taken from the fantastic Kaleidoscope zine #6. Enjoy!

I.- Unlike with many Norwegian Black Metal bands there aren’t much pagan elements in your music. But are you interested in your roots and heritage?

Celestial Bloodshed: Yes of course I have an interest in history, but I leave it to the hippies to sing about vikings, trolls and cold mountains.

I.- It seems that you feel contempt against these “heathen black metal” bands – why’s that?

C.B.: Well, because may of them put paint on them and call themselves BLACK Metal and then they sing about eating mushrooms, drinking mjöd, beauty of forests, etc. Of course there are bands who deal with darker sides of Norse mythology, and I can respect that. But I’m tired of those “we are going to Valhalla” vikings/forest trolls who hide behind their hammer.

I.- One a side note, there were some funny news when Helheim threw a gig in a kindergarten to get children understand and learn about the old gods. Opinions on this?

C.B.: Never heard the band, but I guess kindergarten music belongs in a kindergarten…

I.- So you think that the old founders of Black Metal have betrayed their roots and ideology some way… Could you give us some examples?

C.B.: Well I’m sure you have noticed it too, if not you’re blind (or a TNBM worshipper, wake up then), but as you are a reporter you want some outburst or whatever in your mag so I’ll give you some. The latest Darkthrone had postcards with Fenriz in the woods on them, the Mayhem story will soon be one of the most famous bedtime stories for children as they make three documentaries about it every year, and it seems like they still think they are Mayhem.

And everyone is posing for Peter Beste so that he can make calendars, collector cards, photo books and whatever. Do I need go on? Satyricon (maybe not a founder, but…) takes every chance they get to pose in media and talk about “the kids” and recommend wine and clothes, etc. It’s a fucking circus, they have even arranged a Black Metal sightseeing in Oslo during the Inferno festival! Fuck it. Fuck everyone. Burn it, burn it all so we can dance in the ashes.

I.- And if you had had all the power in the world, how would you have wanted things go in the trail of BM?

C.B.: If I would have all the power in the world, I don’t think I would start with that. But it would be refreshing to remove 90% of the people, bands and labels from the scene, and 99% of all Internet zines.

I.- One element which stirs up always strong protests and statements is the change from a more traditional approach to avantgarde and experimental paths what bands like Manes, Ulver etc. has done. Is there any room for variation in Black Metal in your opinion?

C.B.: As long as you don’t paint your face blue, wear your mother dress and stand around with a water gun I guess there is room for variation.

I.- Like said, you started in the beginning of 2000 so you aren’ just bragging kids showing off. However, nowadays it seems that teenagers find Black Metal very easily, start a band the next day, release their demo the second day and then a cheap Internet record label releases their album within a week. This scheme reminds me about punk rock (“can’t play, don’t care”) but Black Metal is more than music so it’s hard to believe that these young boys and girls have understood the whole picture of Black Metal so easily. Your comments about this?

C.B.: I agree. It’s too easy to record and release something. I could probably record three crappy songs right now, call it Vargtass or Trolltrall, say I’m a Norwegian and get signed on Northern Silence right away without them even hearing the songs I have just because I live in Norway. Then six months later, I decide I want to play Thrash instead because I have “grown up” and Black Metal wasn’t my thing, but I still keep the name because it has gotten fairly known amongst the retards that still buys the crap that Northern Silence release.

Maybe I’ll get Hellhammer on drums too just to be sure that I get that nice sticker on the front of my album. And then I can laugh at the dedicated people who I call “true” and think they are pathetic “just singing about Satan and trying to be Evil”, while in my mind I’m ashamed because I know… I know that I lack something to get the feeling they have… the dedication. Pathetic. And don’t even get me started on these fucking myspace retards!.

I.- Before you there was a strong scene present: bands like Manes, Keep of Kalessin, and Thorns were making waves and being very innovative. Are the new and old scene connected in any terms or are we talking about totally two different generations here?

C.B.: I’m in close contact with the old singer from Keep Of Kalessin that got out before they decided to look like Lord of the Rings extras or girls in power metal band if you want. The rest you mentioned has nothing to do with us, and will never have either.




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