Hellish Blurbs: The Underground Speaks. (1st Issue, October, 2012)

HELLISH BLURBS is our homage to the metal underground printing press. This new section is meant to be monthly published and will take us back to some of the weirdest and funnier stuff we read in some old fanzines and magazines back in the days. We do not have translated a single word from the English written comments since we rather stick to its original meaning and feeling. Enjoy it bastards!

TNBM Manes from Trondheim.

”I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because we are a bit more fed up with Black Metal than the rest of the world, it was too much for a while, and it was everywhere. In the beginning Black Metal were more of an outsider genre, a different thing, and when Black Metal lost that, became big, it isn’t the same anymore, and additionally, “up here”, perhaps we’re not too concerned about how the rest of the world look upon us…”

(Interviewer)-Well, in my opinion it would be an easy and hollow answer to say that these bands got bored with Black Metal…

“But I think that is at least a part of the answer. There were too much here for a while. No matter where you turned, you got all this about Black Metal, Satanic, church burning, from all sides… 13-14 years old boys and girls trying to be like their heroes, and media using these to create sensational headlines… It was everywhere, and became more and more a parody of the reasons it all started in the first place. It became a joke (and partially still is)”.

Cernunnus from Manes talking about the evolution of Norwegian bands like Ulver, Arcturus, Atrox or themselves (2008)

Well, ever since I got into Black Metal I’ve been fascinated by the demo tapes. They represent a certain atmosphere and they capture the essence of a band’s early stages; often a time of strong artistic visions and will to succeed in whatever the bands want to achieve. This will fade away or grow even stronger; either way, the demo days will always remain an important part of a bands existence.

I’ve already explained my fascination for demo tapes. They look nice, plain and simple. And of course there’s a certain quality to the sound. It’s something organic and real, as opposed to CD’s. Obviously ideal for a Black Metal demo. Obscurity and distant atmosphere is what we want, not something we try to avoid. I’m also very fond of the personal touch demo tapes often have. It makes them special. I’m not saying the tape is the perfect format for everything – albums should be on vinyl, with tapes as an alternative. I like all formats, to be honest. A well done CD could be good as well. CDR is the exception. Nothing good about them whatsoever!.

(talking about the phenomenon of special packaging, die-hard editions and different kind of cover solutions, gimmicks… in the tape releases): Obviously, it’s just annoying to see shitty or even just mediocre releases being spent a lot of money on, then suddenly becoming instant sought-after cult items. Shit can never be turned to gold.

One can spend as much as one want on packaging, it just won’t happen. If you have a great album, I think expensive packaging can be tolerated, but there are limits, of course.

I want my vinyl to look good, and I’m pleased to see good albums given the attention they deserve. There is a number of good labels out there who know how to handle a release in the proper way. I think, however, a better looking regular version is to be preferred over a limited die-hard edition. I also think labels should spend less on 7″s to keep the price down. Black Metal 7″s tend to be too expensive these days.

Asli, from Fossbrenna Creations talking in 2008 about releasing demo tapes, before the tape format hype that we are living these days.

The music of Gehenna isn’t made to make people feel good. There’s something else for that. Our songs are about real fighting. Fighting that is brutal, violent, calculated and unmerciful. Not just fighting with your fists, or with guns or knives, but fighting with every fiber of your existence. These fights are everywhere: on the streets, against yourself, mental, legal, spiritual, financial, wars. Every living thing is fighting an unending battle. Gehenna represents the animal instinct, and the determination to fight and to survive, at any cost. Fight without remorse or compassion until death.

Statements printed on the Gehenna (U.S.A.) “Upon the Gravehill” liner notes.





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