[Clásicos] Two Witches – ‘Bites’ (Talitha Records, 1995) English Review

Artist: Two Witches. (Finland)
Title: Bites.
Genre: Gothic Rock.
Format: CD.
Year of release: 1995.
Label: Talitha Records (Germany).
Edition Code: Sate 18.

‘Bites’ came out in September 1995. At that time, American alternative rock was already wiped out by nu-metal and gothic-related projects were experiencing a fast growing popularity among youngsters whose immediate background was Paradise Lost and a bunch of corpse-painted black metal bands. However, this great Finnish act never benefit from any great recognition in the media like Lacrimosa or The 69 Eyes did, remaining sadly in semiobscure record labels and touring continental Europe in a beat-up van. Actually this is the case of a band stuck in the middle of changeling scenes, coming from the glorious 80’s death rock scene and looking towards the neo-gothic era, switching from the black leather into the latex.

This album is truly enjoyable from the beginning to the very last track because of its nice mixture of the old school (goth-rock or death-rock, call it what you will) as well as some outstanding use of keywords that has nothing to do with their later interest in dance oriented stuff. But what is ‘Bites’ all about? These pale-faced-and-fetish-dreamers appealing vampire songs are made by solid riffs and a unique vocal style that sometimes it can get a bit obnoxious but most of the times it’s just mesmerizing. The songs are divided into three parts being the opening of each a brilliant instrumental keyboard solo played by the talented Nauku. Lyrically ‘Bites’ deals with Jyrki’s mastermind obsessions on vampirism, unconventional sexual practices, love and suicide.

Although they still play pretty decent stuff nowadays, I wish the scene would get back to the good ol’ days (from the 80’s to the mid 90’s) when goth was not just a trend and bands didn’t put lots of nonsense dance electronic junk in their albums just to fit into this ‘gothic fashion show’ that the scene has become. This album along with their debut “Agony of the Undead Vampire, pt. 2” should be enough for the Witches to enter as nordic legends into the underground gothic rock hall of fame.


Kosmic Rekiem

Note: This review was originally published in the RYM albums review section.



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