[Clásicos] Lycia – Cold (Projekt Records, 1997) English Review

Artist: Lycia. (USA)
Title: ‘Cold’.
Genre: Darkwave / Ethereal.
Format: CD.
1st Press Code: PRO00067.
Year of release: 1997.
Label: Projekt Records (USA).

The title pretty much says it all. Very few records will make you feel sadder than this one. Released by the essential American label Projekt Records in 1997, ‘Cold’ stands undoubtedly as the Lycia’s finest job until this day.

Stylistically it can be found among the darkwave and the ethereal genres featuring some monotonous and disturbing sounds. This beautifully written piece of art exposes the coldness that comes from all human experience by the use of melodic from-the-other-side vocals and slowly driving bass drumming. No matter what you are engaged to musically, anyone with ears in his head cannot help being dragged down to the Lycia’s sorrow blemished realm by its sad mood. As the seconds go by a feeling of sadness takes over you, slowly paralyzing both body and soul. While listening to tracks like “Colder” you will find yourself happily diving into the absolute disillusionment and melancholy. Most of the titles like ‘Frozen’, ‘Baltic’, ‘Colder’, ‘December’, ‘Polaris’ … all of them refer to the dissolution of the self in the cold reality of the matter. Perhaps the lines of the song “Drifting” are among the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, repeating the words ‘I do not think that I can feel anything at all (…)’ over and over again. Definitely this is my favorite release by the VanPortfleet’s duo. If you are looking for some emotional frostlike tunes ‘Cold’ won’t disappoint you.


Kosmic Rekiem

Note: This review was originally published in the RYM albums review section.